Above & Beyond: Common Ground Sydney

Sydney Anjuna Family – Please Read The Important Event Information Below!  We look forward to seeing you all on Common Ground!

Final Tickets available here ▶️ atools.io/Common-Ground-SYD


06:00PM – Ambient Warmup
06:30PM – Spencer Brown
08:00PM – Gabriel & Dresden
09:45PM – Above & Beyond

Doors Open 6:00PM, show concludes at midnight.

– Take care of your mates and the people around you
– The First Aid team is your friend
– Stay Hydrated, remember to eat (your body is a temple)
– Don’t push your limits, be responsible
– Pace yourself, it’s not a race
– Plan how you are getting home, use public transport (details below)
ENTRY CONDITIONS – http://bit.ly/ABSYD-Important-Info
Every ticket must be scanned at the entrance, the best way is to bring a printed version of your ticket to the event but if you can’t find a printer on the day we can scan tickets off your phone. Admission will only be granted with a valid ticket. Tickets cannot be scanned twice.

If you have any questions or concerns about your tickets, please contact support@ticketbooth.com.au

Keep your finger on the pulse!